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Looking for the best e-juice flavors?

The best e-juice flavors are the bomb. So if want to hear my take on my best tasting e-liquid flavors, then listen up…I love cotton candy and the best cotton candy e-juice flavor is definitely Sweet Ride Jester Juice by Monarchy. It’s super sweet, fluffy, and tastes exactly like pink and blue cotton candy from the fair. Another super favorite of mine are custard flavors of course, and you can also find the best custard e-juice at Monarchy which is the best e-juice vendor by far. These guys have some amazing flavors of e-liquid at great prices and also a super friendly and on demand support team.

Looking for more crazy flavors that are blends with weird names? They also have a few…but you may want to check out http://www.eliquid.com if you can afford it that is, they carry a ton of eliquids that are premium but way over priced in my book. I used to find all my new e-liquids by searching Google for the best e-juice reviews and have found some of my favorites that way. They have turned into all day vapes for sure.

One of my menthol flavors I found that way, by looking at e-juice reviews I mean, was a watermelon menthol flavor. Now you can’t beat the fresh watermelon taste backed by a minty refreshing menthol kick. That flavor is called Watermelon Frost Jester Juice by Monarchy. It’s by far the best watermelon menthol e-juice you’ll find anywhere. I’m an addict of this particular flavor and can’t buy enough of it. They are always sold out and for good reason. If you get a chance to pick up this e-juice, grab a bunch, because it’s like christmas when it’s in stock. This flavor will have you singing, I swear to the all mighty vapor god.



Are you looking for the best vaping supplies online?

If you are, then look no further then my personal favorite, vapor monarchy.

Monarchy - Best Vaping Supplies

If you are always looking for the best deals on vape mods, ejuice, and vaping accessories then you need to definitely check out my favorite online store at Vapor Monarchy. They carry the best vaping supplies. These guys will give you the best deals on the most premium ejuice and vape mods you can find. They also carry the best e-liquid flavors out there in my honest opinion. While they carry the most authentic mods and best flavors of e-liquid their prices are very fair, and they have tons of loyalty programs as well.

If you are new to vaping and need a new vape starter kit (vapor pen) for your vaping supplies, you can grab one for FREE by making any purchase. Now that’s a cool deal. When it comes to vaping supplies they carry all the best brands out there and well known for their awesome customer service. They will bend over backwards to help you quit smoking and become a new vaper. I first heard of them by searching for premium e-juice or e-liquid, whatever you like to call it. Tomato tomato, you know the saying. They probably have both the best tobacco e-liquid and best menthol e-liquid available.

I was searching online for the best vape mods and best e juice, and they came up first which made me click to see what the deal was. I purchased one of their premium ejuice flavors, organic by the way and loved it. I was hooked, and became a loyal Vape Monarchy customer.

Best Vaping Supplies at Monarchy

Their are only a very few vaping supplies online stores I deal with, and they are by far the first place I check out when I need a new tank, battery, or atomizer. They always carry the newest vape mods and best e-liquid flavors for the best prices.

So trust me on this one, looking for any vaping supplies online then you need to go to Vapor Monarchy.

Oh and by the way here’s free ecigarette starter kit.


E-juice in E-cigs is much safer then tobacco!

e-cigs vs. vapingHere’s the cold hard truth folks, ejuice, eliquid, vape juice, in e-cigs (what ever you want to call it) is by far, very far, the most safest thing you can inhale into your lungs compared to tobacco. While there are all kinds of dumb reports by stupid ass journalists eager to write shocking news stories that are not even close to the truth, if you just look at the ingredients it’s easy to see even for you dumb ass rednecks that it’s very safe.

When you smoke cigarettes you are lighting something on fire and producing over 300 chemicals that are most likely being inhaled into the deepest part of your lungs. Those same carcinogens that are sticking around for your lifetime collecting in your body and then ultimately turning into cancer! While with vaping e-cigs you are heating up 3 to 4 main ingredients, depending if you keep nicotine in your e juice. The 3 main ingredients, are VG, PG, and flavoring and are all food additives that you are digesting every single day.e-cigs suck!

The worst part of your e-liquid is only the addictive compound you keep in the damn vape pen so that you can ween yourself off smoking, and that’s nicotine. It’s not really the worst part of smoking, just the part that keeps you smoking because it’s highly addictive. So the trick to quit smoking and get healthy is to start vaping e-cigs and lower your nicotine content in your e liquid over about 3 months. When you get to 0mg of nicotine in your ejuice you’ll be a happy camper. The best flavors will get you there faster, menthol and tobacco. You have to find the best menthol e-liquid and best tobacco e-liquid.

While the world still tries to make an argument about vaping being unhealthy, really if you’re smart even the least bit, it’s easy to argue that it’s much safer then smoking, so if you are smoking rather then vaping, then you’re much more likely to die younger then you should.

If you are new to vaping and looking for vaping supplies then definitely check out my favorite online vape store Monarchy.


Eat sleep and continue vaping on..

I love to eat. I love to sleep. I love to listen to music. When I am not doing those favorite things, I am vaping. I used to be a chain smoker, thanks to vaping I don’t smoke at all! It’s true. While I thought it was never going to be possible for me to quit, and I would die a horrible death, I did. I only was able to quit smoking when I was introduced to vaping. The first ecigarettes sucked, I had tried one, but that’s not what I’m talking about at all. why blu ecigs suck and vaping rules

What I am talking about is the future. Vaping is the new smoking as they say, and like all technology it took a few years for the industry to get it right, but oh man did they ever. In the beginning there were these cig a likes, well they are still around like Blu, Vuze, Njoy, and many many more for the unknowing newbies out there. All you need is a free vapor pen.

These were all bought up quickly by BIG tobacco, so nothing could happen to their bottom line. But as time went on, innovators starting bringing out new technology that made vaping much more pleasurable. While they don’t look like old fashion cigarettes any more (which I think is a good thing, no a GREAT THING) they allow you to get the same kind of pull of vapor, which usually would be cancer causing smoke into your lungs. With a new vape pen you’ll be loving it.

Now these are a little lesvaping mods sleek but so much more powerful. You can totally customize your vape mods by changing up the batteries, the tank, the atomizer, the wicks, and so much more. It really get’s you into the tech side of vaping and how much vapor you want to produce when you vape. It’s really cool, as you can see I’m super excited being a full blown tech futurist. The main thing you need to know, is that vaping is much healthier then smoking and much cheaper.

It’s really a win win, you don’t smell like crap, you don’t die of some horrible death, you can basically vape anywhere, and best of all there’s tons of new e-liquid flavors my favorite being menthol e-liquid for you to vape coming out every single day. It’s easy to check online to find the best menthol e-liquid and best tobacco e-liquid the two flavors you’ll be most used to as smoker. So get to vaping…